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Can You Hear the Voice of God?

     Are you a hearer of the voice of God or are you a cynic who gets annoyed every time you hear someone else say that they have heard Him?

     Let me tell you a little story.  My grandfather was a Puerto Rican man raised by Puerto Rican parents who all lived in Hawaii.  His great-grandfather had emigrated there after the sugar cane fields in Puerto Rico had been destroyed by the 1899 hurricane, San Ciriaco.  So, not only did he grow up with a strong Latin influence in his life but also a strong Hawaiian influence as well. Needless to say, he had a very thick accent--a mix of both cultures. 

     Regardless, my grandfather had a very successful military career and worked as a truck driver after that for many years, but his speech was difficult to understand. If you have ever been to Hawaii and spoken to a local, you would have heard a dialect called “pigeon”.  Although they are speaking English, it can be tricky to understand. 

     I remember times as I grew up, when my grandfather would be talking to someone on the phone and after many attempts at repeating himself, he simply gave up and handed the phone to my grandmother or one of us to handle whatever situation there may have been.  The person on the other end of the line was, I’m sure, grateful.   Even when my husband and I were dating and we would be visiting my grandparents, he would look to me to translate whenever my grandfather had just spoken, even though he was speaking English.  That’s how thick his accent was.

     Have you ever called for customer service somewhere and gotten someone from another country who was speaking English but had such a thick accent from wherever they were from that you struggled to understand them?  This can be very frustrating.  You are both speaking the same language, yet you can’t even understand one another.

     I use these instances to illustrate a point.  The reason my grandmother and my aunts and uncles and all us grandchildren could understand my grandfather when he spoke was because we spent so much time with him.  We were very familiar with the sound of and inflections of his voice. 

     I believe that the reason some people regularly hear from God and others do not stems from the amount of time each spends with the Father.  The more time spent studying the Lord’s Word the more one will naturally understand His character and personality and discern His voice.

If you want to learn to hear and understand the voice of the Lord, get to know Him better.  Crack open that Bible of yours and spend some time with God more often. Let Him become familiar with your voice and then you will be more familiar with His.

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