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Covered By Love

     I went to bed with all kinds of thoughts swirling around in my head. They all centered around these troubling times we are living in. There are so many voices out there and so much confusion and negativity. We have to be so tuned in to the voice of God so we can see straight, walk straight, talk right, and be at peace, no matter what is going on around us. This Word from the Lord brought peace and clarity. Be encouraged by it.


     Sound the alarm! I am calling My people to be sensitive to My Holy Spirit. I want you to be alert to the ploys and plots of the enemy. My people need to be watchmen on the wall when the enemy is moving.

     My purpose is to alert My people to the tactics of the forces of darkness. Satan and his army know their time is short but my grace is not short. It is because I love My people that I want them to stay alert and prepared to move when I say move and to pray when I say pray.

     My people must always remember that they are engaged in a spiritual battle. So much is taking place in the heavenlies, in the unseen realm that people are not even aware of. That is why I’m calling the watchmen on the tower to be alert and ready to respond to My Spirit when I tell them to warn the rest of the body. Much disaster can be avoided if My people watch and pray, however, some disaster will be manifested in the physical realm and I want My people to be prepared.

     Meditate on Psalm 91. Stay in that secret place so I can direct your steps in perilous times. I am faithful to perform My Word. My angelic host out number the enemy, so rest assured that I have your back. Speak My Word. Keep it in the forefront of your mind. Let it guard your heart and your speech. Rest in My care and be confident that My mighty right hand is quick to save and restore.

     Now is not the time to fear anything because the greater One resides within you. Never let fear have even a toehold or it will corrode your faith and become a stronghold.

     ike I told Joshua, I tell My people now – Be strong and of good courage. Do not turn to the right or to the left. Keep your eyes and your ears focused directly on Jesus and Jesus alone. He is the way, the truth, and the life. Do not put your crosses down but continue to follow Me. I will make a way for I am the way. My way will cause multitudes to be saved when they see My grace and favor upon My people.

     As the days grow darker in the world’s system of doing things, My people will stand out like beacons of light for those who are fearful and lost and have no hope. Always remember this is a battle for Souls! Souls! Souls!

     Be on the ready to be a witness to the saving grace of Jesus. Go confidently about your daily affairs knowing that, come what may, I am a God that delivers My people. I make a way when there is no way. You are My hands and feet in this earth. You are My body in this earth. Minister to Me by ministering to those outside My kingdom as well as edifying and loving your brothers and sisters in Christ.

     The whole thing works by love. Faith works by love. It covers a multitude of sins and I am love personified. Those who lay down their life for Me will find it. There is no greater love than the one who lays down his life for another. Die to self and live for others. That’s what My Son did and I’m asking you to follow in His footsteps. Those who are the least in their own eyes are the greatest in My eyes. Those whose eyes are on Me see the clearest. Those whose strength is in Me are the strongest. Those who truly love Me will obey Me, and for those who obey Me, know that My love is complete, perfect, and never fails. It is without end. Follow My example of love and you will never fail.

      Those who come to the foot of the cross I will raise up. They will sit with Me in heavenly places. They will rule and reign with Me in My kingdom. It’s a glorious kingdom where I rule forevermore. I am ruling now and I change not. I am ruler of hearts.

     Be at peace. Be still and know that I am God. Take up your cross and follow Me. I love you with an everlasting love. I am the Most High God. I am your God. Be My people. Come. Enter My peace, joy, and rest, and dwell here with Me forever. I cover you with My love. I never fail.

Copyright © 2008-2015 Nancy Slocum

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