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15 Minute Sits: Carving Time With God Into Your Life

     Stressed. Overwhelmed. In a fog. In survival mode. These are statements I have heard many women (including myself) use to describe their season in life. Whether we are students, mothers, career women, or a combination of these, our lives are BUSY!!!

     When we have a lot on our plate, we often forget to spend time with God. This is one of the greatest causes of guilt in the lives of Christian women. “I don’t read my Bible enough. I don’t pray enough. I should be more heavenly minded.” Can I hear an AMEN? I’m sure we have all waded through this cesspool of feeling like a Christian failure.

     Knowing we don’t spend enough time with God can quickly sabotage our ability to walk in the freedom that is intended for us. Guilt is paralyzing. When we don’t make time for God, it’s risky to worship. It’s risky to pray. We are afraid to see disappointment on His face, and we are afraid He will hold the mirror up to us and we will feel shame. We may even think that He has turned his back on us, abandoning us because of our lukewarm postures.

     I myself was in such a season recently. I had allowed myself to become so busy that I didn’t know how to be still. Spiritual discipline was a foreign concept. I was sure that God looked on me disapprovingly—if at all.

     During this time I met with a Christian counselor. She required me to do something scary: to tell the Lord about my pain and my concerns and then sit quietly for 15 minutes, allowing Him to respond. If I could not commit to this twice a week, the counselor would not be able to serve me. That got me in gear!

      In order to have 15 minutes to myself, I had to get creative. I waited until my baby was napping and my other child was occupied. I forced myself to do the 15 minute sit as soon as I was able, and not put housework first. I had to be strict with myself or I wouldn’t do it at all, but it was worth the effort!

     From the first moment, the Lord met me. Sometimes I would hear words in my heart. Other times I’d see pictures or visions and I would know what they meant. There were also times when I wouldn’t hear or see anything, but I rested in His presence. I journaled the Lord’s responses and I grew close to Him. The guilt I felt was replaced with security. As I met with Him in these sacred moments, He disciplined me in ways that made my tears flow with gratitude. He gave me a new love for reading His Word. He refreshed my tired, frantic heart. And He reminded me how much He loves me.

     For me, 15 minute sits were the key to hearing the Lord’s voice and finding my feet again. As time went on, the sits became a natural part of my life. I was able to hear the Lord’s voice more clearly throughout my day, and I found myself following His lead instead of stomping out my own path. 

     If you feel distant from God, or guilty that you haven’t been doing enough to nurture your spiritual walk, I encourage you to try a 15 minute sit. The Lord is not angry with you. He misses you! Life with Him can be a constant reality. It is ok to start small and to trust Him. He has a message of love waiting for you in your quiet time. The sacrifice to be still will not be a waste! May the Lord bless you as you seek Him!



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