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Sharla Chachere Costelow

Sharla Costelow - myfriendDebbie.comSharla was raised in Texas, but has a love for the East Coast and calls Virginia Beach home. On October 12, 2000, she lost her husband in the terrorist attack on the USS Cole. After nearly 8 years, she professes that she never would have made it without God's love and a relationship with Christ. She has three sons, ages 21, 12 and almost 14. She has chosen to homeschool her two youngest sons this year, while also devoting time to writing. She has had two ed-op pieces published in the Virginian Pilot, and is currently working on an E-Zine she created in March of 2008: Sky High Music Showcase. This is a vision that is in the beginning stages of its fruition. It is an E-Zine that showcases rising Christian musicians and includes articles and interviews. She plans to attend Regent University and receive a degree in Communications.

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Personal site
Sky High Music Showcase


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