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   Welcome to myfriendDebbie.com, a place to find encouragement, inspiration & information for your life. I've invited some of my friends to share the journey with us. I hope you enjoy their friendships as much as I do. Enjoy a cup of hot tea and let our stories warm your heart. We pray you will be blessed by our exciting new online magazine and we hope that you will tell your friends about us.
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Congratulations to One of
Faithful Writers - Heather C. King

Heather C. King Heather is passionate about getting into God's Word, allowing it to change her and grow her up in the Christian faith, and then sharing that with others.

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Spring 2015 Issue
My Friend Debbie - GodGod's Empowering Grace

Let Me Write You a Love Letter

My Friend Debbie - Let Me Write You a Love Letter
My Friend Debbie - Praying With a Penny CupPraying With a Penny Cup

A Home that is a Well Spring of Life

My Friend Debbie - A Home that is a Well Spring of Life
My Friend Debbie - Having Hope When YouHaving Hope When You've Been Stepped On

Come Messy

My Friend Debbie - Come Messy
My Friend Debbie - Fabulous Spring FashionFabulous Spring Fashion

Movie Review: The Trail

My Friend Debbie - Movie Review: The Trail
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